Sammy Da Lat hotel


Sammy Da Lat is a 4 star hotel, located in the central of Da Lat city, at the  intersection of Le Hong Phong and Tran Phu street. Sammy Dalat was designed and built in French classical architecture which is harmony with outer space, very closed to the nature. Sammy Dalat is one of the hotels keeping and preserving the original of Da Lat city architecture. It is worth being the destination of your vacations or business trips in a beautiful flower city.
Sammy Dalat Hotel owns 92 rooms with modern facilities and 10 president suits with luxury and delicate layout for your best convenience.

Sammy Da Lat hotel:

Add: No. 1, Le Hong Phong street, 4 Ward, Lam Dong province, Vietnam

 Tel: 0263 3545454
Fax. 0263 3541029         web:

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